11.11.12 WABA State Championships 

Virtual Gold State Grand Champion Cremello/Perlino

very proud of my Jimmy up against some very lovely quality horses, a huge thank you to WABA, helpers, judges and sponsors

3.11.12 WAQHA Bonanza Show AA & A

Virtual Gold first show in 8mths and he was great, it was a multi judge show each class had two judges including a lovely judge from the US


1st QH colt 2yrs  & Champion colt/stallion                                                                                         1st QH colt 2yrs & Amateur Champion                                                                            


1st QH colt 2yrs  Champion colt/stallion                                                                                            1st QH colt 2yrs   Amateur Champion colt/stallion


 Virtual Gold   

WAQHA Hi Point Halter Colt 1yr & under 2011/2012

WAQHA Hi Point Halter Res Champion Halter Stallion/colt 2011/2012


31.3.12 WA Quarter Horse State Championship
Jimmy aka Virtual Gold                                                                                                                
 State Champion Colt 1yr & under
Reserve Champion Colt or Stallion
State Champion Colt 1yr & under Amateur
Reserve Champion Colt or Stallion Amateur
Thanks to the WAQHA, helpers, committee and USA judge :)

3.3.12  WA QHA Blue Ribbon Show

Virtual Gold woohoo Jimmy went to awesome and was very well behaved even when we blew a tyre on the way home he stood at float like rock and was so patient. Thanks to Michelle and Bruce Avery for coming to our rescue, you guys are the best :)

Virtual Gold 1st colt 1yr & under                                                                                            Champion stallion/colt                                                                                                                           1st Amateur colt 1yr & under                                                                                    Champion Amateur stallion/colt

Glycerine was bought along as a companion for Jimmy she was really well behaved and improved as the day proceeded and came 2nd in her youth class with Taylah

sorry no photos someone (me) forgot to put the card in the camera

12.2.12 Pinjarra All Breeds Spectacular 

 Glycerine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   1st in Palomino filly 3yrs & under                                                                                            Champion Palomino filly/mare                                                                                                   Supreme Palomino                                                                                                                             1st QH filly 3yrs & under                                                                                                                    Res. Champion QH mare/filly to a very lovely mare who went on to win Supreme QH

Glycerine was an awesome and also she came 2nd in Best Presented


Pumkin was a little terror not her usual self but i still had lots of fun



Virtual Gold went to his first QH show where he was 2nd in his colt class after not standing up while playing with his new toy 'woody' and then stood up beautifully for Champion Amature colt/stallion

Dilutes State Show 23.10.11

Had a great day Virtual Gold aka Jimmy won All his classes ... he won three Supremes Cremello/Perlino, DA, Open & Ancillary and Dilutes, 3x Champion colt/stallion, 3x 1st 1yr old colt, 3x best presented. We won lots of prizes from 2 x Trophies, halter and lead rope blue to match his eyes, a bag of goodies from Horse Dreams, photograghy voucher from Bluefire and show vouchers and other goodies too :) silly me was so excited forgot about doing SOS but Jimmy was so good i was happy to call it a day :)

YAY Jimmy ...






 White Hot Nitro won W.A. Quarter Horse Assoc.

Over All Hi Point Halter Stallion/Colt for 2009/2010

Hi Point Colt 2-3 yrs 2009/2010

Imperial Gold Reign

Reserve Hi Point Halter Stallion/Colt 2-3yrs for



WOOHOO Congratulations to Bianca Donald and Jazzy LIL Smarty 

In tamworth at the NCHA cutting futurity they place 9th in the limited non pro futurity 

photo credit Glenn Mandell for more photos click here



Taylah & Reign N Spin So Smart had an awesome day
Grand Champion Western Breed Of Show
Supreme QH, Champion QH mare, 1st QH filly 1yr & under                                        
Supreme Open Palomino, Champion mare/filly, 1st 1yr n under
Res. Champion mare/filly DA Palomino,1st pally 1yr & under

she also came home with 9 blue ribbons for best colour, conformation, mane & tail classes

Lyn and Ruby aka Ima Smart Cookie also had a great first show and recieved lots of lovely comments and they won Reserve Champion QH mare/filly, 2nd QH 1yr & under.

YAY well done Lyn & Ruby


Supreme Open Palomino, Champion mare/filly, 1st 1yr n under and Tay won a couple of bottles of wine just told her not to drink them both at once
Res. Champion QH mare, 1st QH filly 1yr & under


WAPA STATE CHAMPS    Reign N Spin So Smart Open breedYearling Futurity 2nd


Imperial Isabella won 1st filly 2yrs & under, Champion mare/filly and Supreme QH.  Imperial Isabella also won Supreme Palomino, !st filly 2yrs & under, Champion mare/filly with

Reign Spin So Smart coming 2nd and Reserve Champion Palomino.Reign N Spin So Smart coming 2nd in Filly 2yrs and under Reserve Champion QH mare/filly

Reign N Spin So Smart also won Best Presented, best coat colour & best mane and tail. Sorry no photos my little photogragher stayed home with her Dad.

PRE ROYAL DILUTES 12.9.10     

Reign N Spin So Smart did very well with my lovely daughter Taylah showing her. They won filly 1yr, Champion mare/filly and Supreme in both Dilutes and Open Palomino classes with many other blue ribbons for coat colour & conformation. They also recieved a lovely garland much to Taylahs delight and then went on to place in TOP FIVE SOS. Pixie also won Reseve Champion mare/filly QH

Imperial Isabella won filly 1yr, Champion mare/filly and Supreme QH and Reserve Champion Palomino filly/mare

Congratulations to Kerry and Imperial Aurora [who is another Imperial Gold baby] for winning Champion Mare/filly and Supreme for Buckskins registered with Dilutes Australia and also Supreme Ancillary Registration.

Gosnells winter showcase

Imperial Isabella won Champion mare/filly and Supreme

Reign N Spin So Smart winning Res Champion QH 

Taylah won best presented palomino and Reserve Champion and i'm getting old because i can't remeber the other results for conformation and colour. CRAFT disease strikes again. I do remember the lolly bags LOL


Well done Taylah and Reign N Spin So Smart. They had a great day, starting with winning Junor Handler which they had both never done before. They won Supreme QH & Supreme Palomino and they both behaved beautifully all day.

Imperial Isabella came second in QH filly 1yr and 3rd in her palomino class. 

Fantastic showing Tay!